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Alan Wake will be pulled from online and retail stores on May 15

Alan Wake will be pulled from online and retail stores on May 15 Anyone looking to purchase Alan Wake in the near future may want to hasten their plans, as the game will soon be removed from all digital and retail stores due to its music licenses expiring. In effect, Remedy Entertainment has announced the game will no longer be purchasable via the Xbox Store or Steam after Monday, May 15. The developer says it is currently in the process of relicensing the music, but cannot tell how long the procedure might take. Meanwhile, the game's spin-off title, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, will remain in stores as the developer had successfully negotiated its music licenses. Keep in mind that any current owners of Alan Wake will continue to have access to the game even after it's taken off stores, and Remedy is taking advantage of this by hosting an appropriately titled 'Sunset Sale' on Steam. The entire series, including the base game, DLC, and American Nightmare, will be discounted by 90% during the sale. For anyone interested in picking up the game's PC version for $1.99, be sure to grab it during this sale, which begins May 13 on Steam. It is unclear if the game's Xbox 360 version - which is backward compatible with the Xbox One - will receive a similar discount, with the developer saying it "can only control pricing on Steam."

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